Benja grateful for support offered in ‘tough’ season

The transitional 2018/19 season will pass as the toughest for any team that took part in it, due to the squeezed timelines to get the season done with between December and May. Head coach Benjamin Nyangweso got a taste of it as well and having guided the team to finish eighth, he has thanked all the stakeholders for the support offered.

Nyangweso replaced Dunstan Nyaudo, who was promoted to the Technical Director’s post after leading the team for one season and a half, and just like his predecessor, he had to deal with congested fixtures, and he notes that it would have been tougher without support.

He has thanked the management, his technical team as well as the fans, while promising to beef up the team and put up a bigger challenge when the 2019/20 season gets underway.


“I came in midway through the season and got a good team so when I took over, it was tough because of the tight fixtures but the talented squad we had, made it a bit easier for me and the entire technical bench. So I want to thank my players and the technical bench for their support and sacrifice.

“The management also gave us lots of support, both materially and morally and gave us an enabling environment to work in. It could have been very hard without this help from the top and I want to also thank them.

Fan support

“Very crucial support also came from the fans. I think among the coaches in the KPL, I am the one who enjoyed a lot of good will from fans and their love for the players also made work bearable. I want to urge them to continue in the same way when we resume in the coming season and my promise is that we will strengthen and strive to do better that this season,” he noted.

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