Confident Injika assured his time will come

Oscar Injika takes on three Tusker players in a past friendly match against the Brewers in March 2018

Oscar Injika, one of the new signings at the team at the start of the season has shown remarkable improvement over the months, even though he is yet to feature competitively for the team and as he continues working for his place, he is confident his time will come soon.

Injika, affectionately known as Kante by his peers, was scouted from the 2017 CDF games and presented at the start of the season as one of head coach Dunstan Nyaudo’s new faces.


He acknowledges that he has learnt a lot as a player and individual in his stint with the team so far and is grateful to the coach for a big impact in his growth. As he guns for further improvement he hopes it will come with his debut in the league.

“The few months I have been with the team, I can say I have really improved as an individual and as a player. I can’t say I am a finished product just yet but the coach has molded a lot in me and I am very thankful for his contribution in my growth.

“I have learnt a lot and even though I haven’t played in the league, I am not in a hurry because I believe if I stay injury free my chance will come and when it comes I will grab it with both hands,” he said.

All it takes

An attacking midfielder, Kante is confident in his capabilities and believes he has all it takes to feature in the top flight but as long as he stays fit, he says he will continue working towards being an even better player.

“I believe I have what it takes to play in the KPL, and I expect that I will get a chance in the season but I also have to keep working hard to improve and to be able to convince the coach,” he added.

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